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Multi-bay Large Capacity

Network Attached Storage

No Compromises

With a TOPGUN NAS you’ll never have to compromise on speed or capacity

Discover the ultimate data management solution as our NAS systems seamlessly integrate the latest SSDs in perfect synergy with high-capacity HDDs. Experience the lightning-fast speed of SSDs harmoniously combined with the expansive storage capacity of HDDs, delivering unrivaled performance and storage efficiency for your data needs.
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Streamline Collaboration with Swift and Resilient File Sharing

With our NAS solutions, collaboration becomes seamless as we empower your team with swift and resilient file sharing capabilities. Say goodbye to storage limitations as our solutions offer ample capacity for your large data needs. Experience lightning-fast file sharing, ensuring efficient workflows and improved productivity. Rest assured, your data is in safe hands with our storage redundancy, local backups, version history, and encrypted cloud backups, providing multiple layers of protection. Best of all, our comprehensive solutions are designed to be affordable, making top-notch data management accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Our NAS systems leverage NVMe SSD cache technology, enabling blazing-fast data access and significantly improving overall performance. With a comprehensive range of features, including robust data protection, seamless remote access, versatile file sharing, and advanced storage management capabilities, our NAS systems offer a complete solution for efficient and secure storage needs.

Standard Features

  • Centralized File Storage
  • SSD Cache Acceleration
  • Multi-Gigabit Transfer Speeds
  • Data Protection
  • Cloud Integration
  • Collaborative Tools
  • Snapshot Replication
  • High Availability
  • Universal Search

Our Fleet Of NAS Servers: Coming Soon

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